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yardarm motel
home rooms photos directions
searsport maine


Located just north of Belfast , Searsport sits on the shores of  Penobscot Bay and is a small town with an extensive seafaring history.  The Yardarm Motel is directly on Route 1, one mile north of the center of town. The motel is close to both sophisticated antique shops as well as flea markets. From the Yardarm you can walk to restaurants, the Penobscot Marine Museum, Bluejacket Shipcrafters and it is across Route 1 from a gas station/convenience store and  laundromat.  Searsport's sidewalks allow you to walk to most  town locations including Mosman Park and the marina where you can join people fishing from the dock and watch the boating activity. Relax and enjoy the refreshing breezes of Penobscot Bay.

Searsport's historic downtown has maintained many of it's original buildings. These buildings have watched the flow and pace of traffic for more than 100 years. Sea captain houses have a prominent presence along our stretch of Route 1. Many are now inns, but some are antique stores, or small businesses while others remain private homes. For your  convenience Searsport's downtown has a grocery store, coffee shop,  bookstore and banks, all with easy parking. Sears Island has a variety  of recreational opportunities such as hiking, biking, bird watching and clam digging (with temporary town license), and is accessible by causeway from the mainland. Sears Island was described by the Sierra Club as "a unique  piece of Maine's rich natural tapestry". There are also three state  parks close by; Moose Point State Park, Fort Point State Park and Swan  Lake State Park which has a public fresh water beach. For a unique Maine experience you can cruise daily in Penobscot Bay.



" I stayed in a charming roadside motel called The Yardarm. The motel features clean, pine-paneled rooms, comfortable beds and chairs on the porch out front, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee on a brisk fall morning. The Yardarm offers a complimentary breakfast in a cozy breakfast room where you can pick up travel tips and compare notes with other hotel guests."
--Peggy Sijswerda, Tidewater Women Virginia Beach, VA


home rooms photos directions

The Yardarm Motel 
US Rt 1, 172 East Main Street 
Searsport, Maine 04974 

(207) 548-2404 for reservations
info (at)

Open May to the end of October 
Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.